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Core & Stretch

The aim of this class is to strengthen the entire core and to improve your flexibility.

Glute Power

This class is designed to strengthen the! lower half of your posterior chain, with focus on the glutes. A powerful lower body is key to healthy, pain free movement!


Full Body HIIT is an energetic, full body conditioning workout, with periods of high intensity ‘work, followed by short periods of rest. A great way to sweat it out in 30 mins!


A fusion of boxing and full body conditioning. All abilities welcome. Gloves are not provided so it is advisable you bring your own (class can be adapted with no gloves).

Ultimate L&C

Join our Tuesday evening class to get the ultimate lower body and core burn! Its amazing what you can do in 30 mins!

Barbell Burn

Get pumped for the week, by participating in this full body barbell workout!

Fight Camp

Whether you’re new to boxing/kickboxing or have previous experience, Fight Camp class will provide you with a physical & mental challenge while teaching you some skills & having fun!

Circuit Blast

Start your weekend with this high energy, full body blast. Work your way around different exercise stations, for a great way to push your body!


A low impact, mat based workout designed to improve core strength, flexibility and posture.


A full body circuit made up of 6-8 varied stations, completed one after another with a small amount of rest in between, for 3-4 rounds. Lets gets sweaty!

Kettle bells

Swing, press, lunge and squat your way to improved fitness and body composition with this full body Kettlebell workout.

Barbell Box

A fusion of barbell compound movements, boxing bag work, conditioning & core strengthening.