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Fundamental Fitness - Burton on Trent

Join Fundamental Fitness from just £16 per month

With membership options starting at just £16 per month, or full memberships which have classes included, steam and sauna rooms included, free parking and WiFi too, Fundamental Fitness in Burton is fantastic value for money. You’ll find Fundamental Fitness right on Wetmore Road in The Maltsters, we have been established since 2013.

We’ve got plenty of state-of-the-art equipment to choose from, including cardio and weight machines and a free weights area. We also have a sauna and steam room so you enjoy and feel refreshed before or after your workout. Our gym is bright and spacious and promotes an inclusive atmosphere, so whatever your fitness level, you’ll always feel welcome.

Get started today #NOEXCUSES

Sign up now to Fundamental Fitness. Choose the best membership for you below.


Monthly Direct Debit

Annual Upfront Payment

6 Months Upfront

Monthly Direct Debit


per month

- 12 months full membership

- Access 24/7


+No Joining Fees


Annual Upfront Payment

6 Months Upfront

Benefits of joining us

Free Parking 24/7

Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week for Members

Steam & Sauna Rooms

Supervised Hours - Mon to Thurs 6am to 10pm, Fri 6am to 9pm & Sat 8am to 4pm

Extensive Staff Cleaning & Sanitisation Stations

Student & Services Discounts (NHS, Police, Etc)

Instructor Led Classes

Online Classes

Personal Training

Free Wifi

How to find us

Unit 5 The Malsters

Wetmore Road

Burton on Trent



Take a look around

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Top-notch equipment for all exercise routines

Bright and Clean Gym

We’re here to help our members feel positive, motivated and in the perfect mood for a workout. That’s why our gyms are bright, colourful, clean and have a laid-back, inclusive atmosphere

Cardio Machines

Whether you are training for a marathon, building muscle or just want to keep your fitness ticking over; cardio is integral to every exercise plan and we have loads of machines so you won’t be kept waiting!

Free Weights Area

Triceps, biceps or even your gluteus maximus, we have got the right equipment for every muscle group. Lifting platforms, squat racks, plate loaded equipment and loads of benches and dumbbells.

Functional Training Area

This workout area has all the space and equipment you need so feel free to lift some weights, burpee to your hearts content, warm up, stretch out or even complete your own circuit or Pilates routine.

Showers and Changing Rooms

You’re free to use our showers and changing rooms as much as you like. We also have lots of lockers to store your things while you workout. 

Steam and Sauna Rooms

Just remember to bring a towel and swimwear for our Steam and Sauna rooms! Not only do sauna and steam  rooms feel amazing but they both have individual and collective benefits on your health.

What Our Members Think