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Zoltan Horvath

Personal Trainer


-Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Level 3

-Multi Sports Coach Level 3

-Fitness & Sports Diploma

-Black Belt in Kickboxing

-Experienced Coach & Fighter


Specialist Areas

Boxing & Kickboxing, Weight loss & management, Resistance training, Flexibilty and Core, Footwork and Co ordination ,Self Defence

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Training with me


 Hi!! Im Zoltan, i have 27 years of experience in competitive combat sports, i am a highly motivated coach with 
a vast amount of experience and knowledge in combat training such as boxing, kickboxing and martial arts.

I have integrated my experience and knowledge into my fitness coaching and personal training programs
to help you achieve your desired health and fitness goals.

I have an easy going and friendly approach so feel free to have a chat or send me a message or email to 
start your fitness journey

All abilities are welcome