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Phil Jerromes

Personal Trainer


- Level 2 Gym & Circuit Instructor

- Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

- Essentials of Nutrition

- Mat-work Pilates Instructor

- Exercise to Music

- Certificate in Nutrition

Specialist Areas

Nutritional Plans, Fat loss, Core strength, Pilates, Kettlebells & HIIT

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Training with me

I have been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2002 and have had my own successful Personal Training business since 2004.  During that time, I have helped hundreds of clients both in group and 1-2-1 sessions to achieve their goals.  

My speciality is in helping people to lose weight via a combination of lifestyle and behavioural changes and effective fitness training sessions; all the time with an emphasis on creating a plan that fits in with my clients busy and often complicated lifestyle.

I have a real passion for changing people’s perceptions of what healthy eating really is and I have taught my nutritional plans to clients worldwide via online training groups and more locally with fat loss seminars. I hope to be able to bring these nutritional plans into Fundamental Fitness and help even more people achieve their goals.

If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to contact me directly at;

Tel: 07734 678921

Email: philjerromes@googlemail.com


One very happy client this morning blown away by my results, I had to triple check the numbers and I'm an accountant!!



OMG!!! Need to share!!!!! Although people have been telling me they can tell I've lost more weight, I couldn't really see it. I’ve just put on a pair of work trousers I couldn't even fasten at Christmas and now they are HUGE!!!!!



44lb loss since end of April when the plan started. And yes I need new jeans again these ones I got a few weeks back are simply too big! X thank you Phil.