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OPEN 24/7

More Than Just A Gym!

What makes us unique from the other gyms in Burton?


- We Are Burton's First Gym To Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days Of The Year.  Meaning you can train at a time that suits your work pattern and lifestyle, whether that means training at 5pm or 3am.


- Our Membership Numbers Are Limited so that you don't have to experience overcrowded gym sessions.


- We Deliver A More Personal Experience, treating you like an individual  in a friendly environment and not just another number in a large intimidating gym.


- Achieving Your Goals Can Be Hard Work, which requires guidance, so our facility is run by level 3 qualified personal trainers who are always at hand to give you any advice you may need regarding fitness & nutrition.


- A Key Component To Progress And Growth Is Relaxation.  We provide you with a health club experience at great value with our sauna and steam rooms.


- We Are Pairing Up With Local Businesses to provide you with exclusive discounts on everything from sportswear to healthy food delivered to your door. We Support Local Business!

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