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👉 Lockdown Announcement update.

First and foremost, we really appreciate your support during these difficult times as this has got to have been the most challenging year to date for us. We have worked tirelessly to provide a safe environment for us all which will not stop going forward. We will be forever committed to provide all the sanitisation necessary to make us as Covid safe as we can be.

We have already had a tremendous amount of positive feedback for the refurbishments and changes we have already carried out and we will continue to make more. Thank you to the members who have already sent us messages and emails to say you are willing to continue to support us during this temporary closure. We will be providing you with online content such as classes and seminars. We will also be investing more into the gym to keep our gym up to date.

Regarding our active memberships, we would really appreciate your support during this temporary closure, and we kindly ask if you could keep your membership direct debits active over the lockdown period. However, if  you cannot support us at this time, then please email us at sales@fundamentalfitnessltd.co.uk with your full name and address and a breif message requesting a freeze, so we can apply the freeze to your membership.

Again, this has been a really difficult time for us all. But we are looking forward to seeing you all back Soon.

Thank you,

Fundamental Fitness Team