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Group Personal Training

Launches 26th November 18!

Making Personal Training More Affordable!


We can all benefit from the help of a personal trainer but when sessions range from between £20-30 per hour twice a week the cost can soon stack up.  You can always go it alone but statistics say that after 8-12 weeks more than 70% of people will have either lost motivation or given up on achieving their goals entirely.


We are excited to introduce to you our new group personal training membership that will help to bridge that gap and solve both of these problems.  With our new group personal training programme you can get the help and guidance of a personal trainer, 2 group PT sessions a week and pay just one low monthly fee.


We are also introducing a new heart rate training system which will be exclusively for group personal training members!



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So Whats Included...?

Introductory Consultation, Health Assessment & Body Composition Measurements


Firstly you will sit down with one of our personal trainers and talk about your lifestyle, activity levels and most importantly about your goals and what it is you want to achieve with us.  We will also do a quick health check and record your current weight and circumference measurements to track your progress.


Your FREE Heart Rate Monitor - Worth £120


Working to your body's full potential is key when performing exercise which is why we will be providing you with a heart rate monitor that you can use during group personal training sessions, gym sessions and even activities outside of the gym.  This is all tracked via a mobile phone app so you can see how many calories you've burnt, how hard you've been working and much more.


(Please note the band will be for your personal use and will be returnable if your group personal training membership came to an end.  There will be an option to earn possession of the band once you have been a member of the programme for a specific period)


2 x Group Personal Training Sessions Per Week


We will be holding group personal training sessions at specific days and times of the week that you can book onto in advance.  Each session will contain a maximum of 4 people.


FREE 24 Hour Gym Membership - Worth Between £20-34 pm


You will receive full gym membership completely free so you can gain access to our 24 hour facilities, changing rooms & sauna and steam rooms.


Body Composition Measurements Every 8 Weeks


It is important to continually track your progress so you can see the rewards of all your hard work and make sure you are on the right path.  You will be able to attend a session every 8 weeks to have yourself re-measured and to set new goals.







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